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How To Release Guilt After A Binge and Move On

Have you ever felt guilt, shame or embarrassment after a binge where you overindulged with food? The weight of guilt can feel so heavy after letting yourself enjoy a long weekend, a holiday or celebration. It’s an icky feeling that can weigh on you and distract you from other things in your life. Guilt steals our joy and our light and prevents us from moving forward. On today’s episode, Jessi shares some tangible strategies for releasing guilt and why it’s so necessary to release guilt. She also discusses why guilt is a useless emotion when it comes to food and why you should accept the fact that you’re an imperfect human.

In this episode:

  • The guilt that comes with overindulging
  • Feeling out of control when it comes to eating
  • How useless the emotion of guilt is when it comes to food
  • Figuring out how to release guilt in a tangible way
  • Calming the fear that came with overindulging
  • Extracting a lesson from the experience
  • Knowing that challenges lead to breakthroughs
  • Discovering what lessons you can learn from the behaviors about yourself
  • Examining what preceded the binge and writing it down
  • Taking positive action to help us feel a sense of momentum
  • Empowering yourself as an imperfect human
  • Knowing that you aren’t stuck forever

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