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Everybody Deals With It, Nobody Talks About It

Jessi sits down with us for a solo episode this week and bravely shares about her current struggles. She discusses how we as humans face challenges, bad days, loneliness and that it is totally normal. Jessi shares what her most recent mental breakdown looked like and what helped her through it.

In this episode:

  • Jessi normalizes having bad days, mental breakdowns and low energy.
  • How social media can trigger funks, anxiety or overwhelm.
  • How to the root of what is truly going on within ourselves
  • How to break down shame, guilt and loneliness
  • That it doesn’t make you weak to break down or struggle
  • What to do when you feel like you have to be strong for everyone else
  • In these moments that you feel alone, all you have to do is let yourself rest.
  • How you can allow yourself to physically emote and release negative energy
  • No longer being afraid of breaking down or having an intense emotional experience
  • Its not a moment of weakness its a human exprience to be mental tapped out
  • How stuffing emotion can lead to numbing out with food
  • How our inner child can guide us to see what we are truly longing for
  • How we are all going to still face challenged and struggles but we can navigate them in a healthy way and no longer let it derail us

A few questions when you’re feeling in a funk or feeling low:

What do you need most in this moment?

Whats good in your life right now?

What are you thankful for?

Normalize pain, normalize the struggle in your life.. its part of being human. You are not weak, its a human experience.

Please let me know if you enjoyed and can relate to this episode. Send me a DM on Instagram: @jessijeannn 


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