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Qualities You Must Embody In Order To Conquer Binge Eating Fast

After seeing hundreds of women heal from binge, compulsive and emotional overeating there are a few qualities that those who heal faster typically embody. On today’s episode, Jessi will be sharing the qualities that you must possess to overcome binge eating. She also shares why we need to reverse engineer our thoughts and emotions to discover what we really need and why we need to take action to break down fear. It’s time to learn how to rewire our brains and go against what is automatic.

In this episode:

  • The character traits that those who have overcome binge eating possess
  • What those who suffer from binge eating struggle with
  • How thoughts influence our emotions and emotions influence how we behave
  • Choosing not to act out of emotion
  • Embodying courage and being relentless
  • Stepping into your conscious mind
  • Reaching out to others for encouragement and support
  • The ability to humble your ego and recognize when you need help
  • Why you need accountability
  • Learning to delay gratification
  • Respecting your body
  • Being resilient and accepting the challenges of the process
  • Switching from self-judgment to self-awareness

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We help women rewire their brain so they stop feeling crazy around food and start feeling confident.

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Rise with Me was founded in 2017. Our desire is to help purpose-driven women struggling with food + body image challenges find freedom.

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We exist to equip women with the tools, connection, + healing needed to overcome food & body image struggles so they can live in complete freedom.

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